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Jeep Water Pumps

Water Pumps

We're going to give you something to get pumped up about. Our selection of Jeep water pumps is as diverse as the day is long. Don't wait until the water pump on your vehicle fails to replace it. If your pump is approaching the end of its service life, you'd be wise to swap it out for a brand-new, OEM-quality replacement from Omix-ADA. Our selection ensures that you'll be able to find the Jeep water pump you need without overpaying.

Each of the engines in the Jeep lineup has a water pump that's specifically made for it. And our store has the pump that your engine should be paired with. The major difference between our replacement water pumps and the OEM alternatives is that our parts are much cheaper. This allows you to get maximum value out of your investment. If you plan on installing your water pump yourself, this can make for a low-cost project. Try getting that at a dealership and you may find yourself wasting a lot of time.

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Water Pump For 134 CI Jeep Willys  1941-1945 MB 1941-1945 GPW 1945-1949 CJ2A 1948-1953 CJ3A 1953-1967 CJ3B 1955-1971 CJ5 1955-1971 CJ6 17104.01
Reg Price:$73.29
Sale Price:$66.69
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Water Pump Service Kit MB GPW Jeep CJ 1941-1971 134 CI  17104.80 Omix-Ada
Reg Price:$31.99
Sale Price:$29.11
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Water Pump Impeller Bearing For 134I MB GPW Jeep CJ 1941-1971 17104.83 Omix-Ada
Reg Price:$16.75
Sale Price:$15.24
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Water Pump, 1954-1964 Truck and Station Wagon (226 CI) Omix-Ada 17104.09
Reg Price:$143.92
Sale Price:$130.97
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Water Pump (With Double Groove Pulley), 1950-1952 M38, 1952-1971 M38A1 Omix-Ada 17104.02
Reg Price:$68.72
Sale Price:$62.54
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Water Pump, 225 CI, 1966-1971 CJ5, 1966-1971 CJ6 Omix-Ada 17104.10
Reg Price:$89.90
Sale Price:$81.81
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Water Pump, 1972-1974 CJ5 & CJ6 (3.8L & 4.2L) Omix-Ada 17104.11
Reg Price:$60.93
Sale Price:$55.45
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Water Pump (For 5.0L V8), 1972-1981 CJ5, 1972-1975 CJ6, 1976-1981 CJ7, 1981 CJ8 Omix-Ada 17104.16
Reg Price:$91.53
Sale Price:$83.29
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Water Pump (For 3.8L or 4.2L), 1972-1981 CJ5, 1972-1975 CJ6, 1976-1981 CJ7, 1981 CJ8 Omix-Ada 17104.12
Reg Price:$50.68
Sale Price:$46.12
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Water Pump (For 2.5L GM), 1980-1983 CJ5, 1980-1983 CJ7, 1981-1983 CJ8  Omix-Ada 17104.03
Reg Price:$53.14
Sale Price:$48.36
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Water Pump, 1980-1983 CJ5 (4.2L With V-Belt) , 1980-1986 CJ7 (4.2L With V-Belt), 1981-1986 CJ8 (4.2L With V-Belt), 1983 CJ5 2.5L (2.5L AMC With V-Belt), 1983-1986 CJ7 (2.5L AMC With V-Belt), 1983-1986 CJ8 (2.5L AMC With V-Belt) 17104.04 Omix-Ada
Reg Price:$60.38
Sale Price:$54.95
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Water Pump (For 2.5L AMC With Serpentine Belt), 1983 CJ5 , 1983-1986 CJ7, 1983-1986 CJ8 Omix-Ada 17104.05
Reg Price:$56.58
Sale Price:$51.49
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WATER PUMP 91-01 SERPENTINE Omix-Ada 17104.07
Reg Price:$60.31
Sale Price:$54.88
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Water Pump, Water Pump, 2002-2005 Liberty (2.4L) Omix-Ada 17104.08
Reg Price:$63.23
Sale Price:$57.54
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Water Pump (For 4.2L With Serpentine Belt), 1980-1983 CJ5 , 1980-1986 CJ7, 1981-1986 CJ8, 1987-1990 Wrangler (4.2L)  Omix-Ada 17104.13
Reg Price:$60.80
Sale Price:$55.33
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Water Pump (With V-Belt), 1987-1990 Wrangler (4.2L) (Export   Omix-Ada  17104.06
Reg Price:$69.88
Sale Price:$63.59
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Water Pump, 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee (4.0L), 2000-2006 Wrangler (4.0L) Omix-Ada 17104.20
Reg Price:$78.61
Sale Price:$71.54
More Info
Water Pump, 1987-2001 Cherokee (4.0L), 1993-1998 Grand Cherokee (4.0L) Omix-Ada 17104.14
Reg Price:$63.22
Sale Price:$57.53
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Water Pump, 1993-1998 Grand Cherokee (5.2L), 1998 Grand Cherokee (5.9L) Omix-Ada 17104.17
Reg Price:$134.03
Sale Price:$121.97
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Water Pump, Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) 4.7L 99-04, (WJ) 5.7L 02-04, (WK) 3.7L 05-09, (WK) 4.7L 05-09, Liberty (KJ) 02-07 3.7L  Omix-Ada 17104.19
Reg Price:$82.46
Sale Price:$75.04
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Water Pump Gasket, 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee (4.7L), 2002-2007 Liberty (3.7L) Omix-Ada 17119.03
Reg Price:$25.99
Sale Price:$16.05
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Replacement Water Pump For 2007-2011 Jeep Compass And 2007-2011 Jeep Patriot MK With 2.0L Or 2.4L 17104.23 Omix-ADA
Reg Price:$71.92
Sale Price:$65.45
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17119.04 Omix-ADA Water Pump Gasket For 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.8L
Reg Price:$8.99
Sale Price:$5.63
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17104.88 Omix-ADA Water Pump Inlet Gasket, 2.0L & 2.4L, 2007-2012 Compass & Patriot
Reg Price:$3.12
Sale Price:$2.84
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17104.87 Omix-ADA Water Pump Outlet Gasket, 2.0L & 2.4L, 2007-2012 Compass & Patriot
Reg Price:$3.12
Sale Price:$2.84
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